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Create tmux.conf file with default settings

Create tmux.conf file with default settings

Tmux is one of the most useful tool when it comes to using using a linux terminal.

Tmux is a terminal multiplexer, it allows a user to access multiple terminals (or windows), each running a separate program, while providing a single screen to work on. Tmux is useful for running more than one command-line program at the same time, increasing productivity and the way you work.

Since you have already installed tmux on your terminal, at times you might be surprised to see that the default ~/.tmux.conf file does not exist.

If you try to do-

ls ~/.tmux.conf

It will return with an error-

No such file or directory

To make this work, you can attach to any tmux session or let's say the most recent session by using the command-

tmux attach

and then run the following command in your terminal to create the default or current configuration of tmux-

tmux show -g > ~/.tmux.conf

Now you will be able to access the ~/.tmux.conf configuration file. You can open it using vi ~/.tmux.conf and make changes as you like.

I hope you found this article useful, glad that you found it seamless to create the default ~/.tmux.conf configuration file in Tmux. You can also check out the complete tmux cheatsheet of keyboard shortcuts and mouse shortcuts.